The MEVIS - EUROMECCANICA Group, at the cutting edge of sheet metal printing and metal component production.

In attendance at Blechexpo together for the first time ever, Mevis and Euromeccanica are officially entering into a partnership as an affiliated industrial group. Operating in metal component production and sheet metal printing for the automotive, truck, electromechanical and domestic appliance industries, the group manufactures a wide range of products, from small metal parts to high-strength steel components with a thickness of up to 15mm. This new group will offer high-tech automation, comprehensive technical support, simulation, speedy prototyping and the option to complete the entire production process in house. Significant investments in innovative technology and human resources, along with the intention of infiltrating a competitive global market are the pillars on which this new group has been founded. The companies currently employ 800 people and hope to bring in a turnover of more than €200 million in 2020, with exports exceeding 80%.
The group has already set its sights on an Italian Stock Exchange listing and penetration of the US market via the construction of a new factory, which will join those located in Italy, China and Slovakia.