Our equipment and facilities

The stamping department has a complete range of mechanical and hydraulic presses, up to 2000 tons. Each press has a back-up solution inside the same department, to always guarantee the customer a continuity of supplies. The plant is air-conditioned to guarantee the performance of our mechanical and electronic equipment and optimal comfort for the operators. We use the self-produced energy with the photovoltaic system and invest on the efficiency of the plants.

We process various materials from tape or sheets: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and high-strength steel from 0.2 mm up to 15 mm.


Production management

Thanks to its production system, Euromeccanica meets the most stringent standards in the automotive, energy and household appliances sectors. Traceability, automation and management of digital production always allow us to have full control of our factory.

stampaggio 2

Welding and other services.

Euromeccanica has developed a years-long experience in steel products welding. It has all the process and operators certifications  to guarantee quality and security to customers in the automotive sector, even on thicknesses up to 8 mm. We continuously invest in equipment that guarantees consistency and efficiency in the execution of the work.

We also manage all the processes that the customer needs thanks to the departments within the Euromeccanica Group and to the proven suppliers for whom Euromeccanca is a point of reference in the territory.


Altri servizi all'interno del nostro gruppo

Un'unica squadra per le necessità dei nostri clienti

Mold construction and maintenance
We have a workshop equipped to perform internal maintenance and equipment of third parties
deep drawing
Deep Drawing
For productions that require significant plastic deformations of the metal sheet
laser 3d
2D and 3D Laser Cutting
To complete the molding, for prototyping and small / medium series
Bending and Panel Bending
Bending without Stamping Die , for pre-series too
Projection welding, clinching, Pem mounting on steel and stainless steel
Aestethic finishing
Powder painting, pad printing and packaging