The design

Euromeccanica has always stood out for its design team. A know-how available to our customers in the phase of co-design and industrialization of their products. The 3D design allows us to manage important complexities and with the simulations, using the PAM STAMP software, we anticipate any criticality in the original design of the product.


We make our dies in our workshop, which is equipped with different machining centers(vertical , horizontal and high speed mills), wire and  Die-Sinking EDM  and grinding machines. Our machines that work at controlled temperatures  guarantee the highest precision that the market can offer, even on important dimensions (10000x2500x2000) . All this allows us to build complex equipments with very tight tolerances.



Altri servizi all'interno del nostro gruppo

Un'unica squadra per le necessità dei nostri clienti

We do metal stamping , with our or custumer's equipment
deep drawing
Deep Drawing
For productions that require significant plastic deformations of the metal sheet
laser 3d
2D and 3D Laser Cutting
To complete the molding, for prototyping and small / medium series